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Support Meetings

  • Communication Program Dennis will be taking children with Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD, NOS and high functioning autism for one hour per week for approximately six weeks on a one to one basis for a new program: Communication Assessment Training (CAT). The program is a visual and concrete design that attracts attention of the children and encourages them to talk about their thoughts and emotions in a non-defensive manner. This program kit helps them express their feelings and emotions without meltdowns and temper tantrums as well as when they are in conflict. It also teaches a lot about human emotions, self-insight, assertiveness, circle of friends, personal interests, conflict resolution and sensory issues. Please contact Dennis at 721-5533 for further information. The cost is only $15 per week for the program with ASBH covering the rest of the expenses. Don’t delay! Space is limited.
  • Mock Triathlon Our first mock triathlon – hiking, biking and swimming. This summer program will be two hours per day on August 6, 8 and 10th. It is open for kids ages 6-12. The cost is $20 for entire triathlon which includes cost of swimming fees. Snacks will be provided. Children need to have their own bike. Times to be determined at time of registration. Tentative place for the hike will be M Hill and swimming at Sioux Park. Please call Dennis to register at 721-5533 or email Dennis and Sarah are also working on a craft program so stay tuned for more details…

Parent Classes

  • Parent classes are held yearly. These classes teach parents about the unique challenges in raising children with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. The classes are 2 hours each and run approximately 2 weeks.